Naruto Surveying

i saw this in american ninja warriors and i cant stop laughing


i saw this in american ninja warriors and i cant stop laughing

my and my bf would only become poly if a very rich boy offered to date us but never kiss us or talk to us

what do you call a ghost next to a bonfire? a toasty-ghosty!

*sees a nb friend* hey bud…lookn non-FLYnary today

ok im going to watch the book of life even if channing tatum is in it. at least i do not have to look at him.

hispanic means that your mother language is spanish So yeah its very shitty to use since not all the ppl whom mother language is spanish are mexican or any other latino nationality and viceversa

yeah  it also doesnt always refer to ethnicity, such as there are people of asian decent who live in latin america and whose first language is spanish, who are also hispanic. i am mexican but i am not hispanic bc im from the us and my spanish is shit. 

referring to shit as mexican instead of hispanic or latino is the kind of shit that gets you in trouble with the cubans and guatemalans. they dont like bein called mexican and i dont expect every white person (or anybody else for that matter) to be familiar with the minute ass specifics of what makes our cultures different. especially when so many chicanos dont know either. so please dont say shit thats gonna make people think they should call everything mexican.

i understand what you mean but im specifically calling out white people who say hispanic when talking about mexican people…and dont know what hispanic MEANS. im not dense i know that ppl who arent mexican dont want to be called mexican, wtf. i dont know where u even got that from. a lot of people use hispanic as an umbrella term instead of latinx but dont realize that not every person who is mexican speaks spanish, 


I’ve seen a few people doing these and with all the Pokemon cards I’ve got laying around I just had to try it…plus I wanted an excuse to bust out the acrylics. I think I’m addicted.

If anyone wants to buy them they’re up for grabs on my brand new Etsy shop!